How to Make Your Car Even Faster

How to Make Your Car Even Faster

Do you want to add speed to your car? A lot of people are passionate about their cars, and there is a good reason for it. We all remember the first car we got and how we learned how to drive it. As we grow older, we learn more and more about cars and the social mobility that particular models give us.

Additionally, with popular movies like “The Fast and the Furious”, we all get excited about the idea to have a car that reaches such speeds. But, where do we start? What factors determine how fast a car can go? Well, it is important to understand that the model, make, and year will be a factor that determines your car speed.

How can we get our cars to go faster? In general, the speed of your car is determined by several factors including, but not limited to: how efficient is your engine, how programmable your electronic parts of your car are, your car weight, and how your car handle its fuel and air flow.

The last two are essential to your car speed, the more air, and fuel you can get into the engine, the more powerful your engine can be. This is the reason why most upgrades focus on getting more air and fuel into the engine.

If you have an older car, you need additional information about parts required to increase efficiency and speed. Some of those mechanical parts might restrict your car’s capabilities. Doing some research and finding out what parts can be replaced to obtain maximum efficiency would be strongly recommended.

Where to start? An initial list of the items/actions you might want to look in your car and see if your car improves speed include:

  • Replace Mechanical parts. Try to look for any mechanical parts that can be replaced with electrical ones. Most of the times, if you replace mechanical parts, such as fans to keep your engine cool, like the ones in older cars, you can improve horsepower.
  • Spark plugs. This is a critical component making your engine more efficient. It is important to check those spark plugs often and replace them as often as you can. Why is this important? Well, remember that the spark is a major component that helps your engine function properly by giving your engine the air-fuel combustion to move your car. If one of those sparks is misfiring, then your car is unable to go faster. So, make sure to review in your manual how often you need to replace those in your car.
  • Car weight. If your car is heavier, then it will be slower. You need to eliminate all unnecessary weight. Look at the trunk and check if you have any items you can eliminate. Does your car have heavy parts that can be replaced by lighter options? Carbon fiber made parts will significantly improve your car’s weight. How about your rims? Or additional parts inside your car? Again, make a list of all the replaceable parts and see how the weight improves. The lighter the car, the faster it will be.
  • Improve the fuel system. Check your car’s air-fuel ratio and see how you can modify the fuel system. If you can pump more fuel into the engine, your car will be faster.

Those are only a few items you can start with. As mentioned before, the model and year of your car will make a big difference regarding speed. Also, it is highly recommended to ask a professional before doing any important changes to avoid damaging your car.