Race Cars vs. Luxurious cars

Race Cars vs. Luxurious cars

Every car has some specialty. They have some features that make them unique. Be it a race car or luxurious car or any other these cars are meant to fulfill the need of its owner. If you are fun loving or you like racing race car is best for you.

If you like to be in gossips for like ever than owning a race car will help you in that. Race cars are meant to provide you all the adventures so it is designed in a way that could hurt you less and work even more fine. Race cars are normally small and not heavy. They are small and light weighted. Their main qualities are high performance and superior handling.

To increase the performance level of these cars they are intentionally made small and light so the driver could easily make any turn. These cars are very expensive so they have some features which are luxurious. This car is typically for two persons only. There are only two seats, some cars having back seat too but the space is so small that any third person cannot sit easily and comfortably.

The back seats are usually used as a luggage carries or any other stuff you want to put in there. One of the common features in sports car is that the engine and rear wheel drive is in front. This layout is known as FR layout. Another important thing is that these cars should be safe enough for the driver.

Full Speed

Because he will be driving on the full speed so there must be some features in car that could protect him. For this purpose car designers use aerodynamic design. This helps the car to reach its maximum speed limit and still be able to handle the car whenever is the time.

Unlike normal cars on roads, race cars use different brakes that help them to stop suddenly and that also work in different temperature. They are made of carbon fiber disc that controls everything. Formula One racing car, Nissan Calsonic Skyline, Audi R8 LMS Race Car 09 is some examples.

Unlike race cars luxurious cars are different. They are made to provide you luxury and desirable features and comfort as well. Bentley Flying Spur, Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Audi 8, Porsche Panamera are the best luxury cars. They are among the top 10 best luxury cars according to 2016. They have so many distinctive features which make them luxurious cars.

Active Suspension system in cars uses sensors. They detect any bump in road automatically and adjust the wheels to minimize the danger. If you are on a long journey and you want some massage and you are in luxury car so you do not have to worry.

Your car will do it for you. Luxury cars have massaging seats that could keep your back safe. They have air bladder that inflate or deflate whenever there is need.

Luxurious cars start with just a punch in remote. All you have to do is use remote; this will help the car in starting up and warming up and prevent you from getting cold in car.

Luxury Seats

Seats in a luxury cars are ventilated meaning that they could control the climate. Seats will adjust with the climate itself and you do not have to turn the ac on while driving. Some luxury cars provide a scented smell that lasts forever. These features make a car luxurious car.